Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Balance Shoes

The New Balance shoe company dates back all the way the way to 1906.

New Balance was founded and is today still based in Boston, Mass.

Home also of course to Paul Revere but I digress.

When New Balance was founded it was actually New Balance Arch Support company and

produced arch supports to improve the fit of shoes. This to me is somewhat

surprising as I think of insole type products as being a relatively new invention.

But, I suppose in the early twentieth century people were interested in comfortable

shoes just as they are now.

Much to the delight of these shoe buyers I'm sure New Balance has continued producing

comfortable shoes for 100+ years!

Some of the New Balance Shoes reviewed on this site, are the

New Balance 1350

You can also check out this review of the New Balance 810 trail runners.

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